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The Story That Never Ends

Most of you know that a few weeks ago we released as an e-book “The Story Behind In Broad Daylight.” This tells the story of researching and writing In Broad Daylight, and it also  contains photos of several characters in the book, including Trena and Del Clement, the only man ever identified as Ken McElroy’s killer. This is a good piece for anyone interested in the researching and writing of true crime stories.

Next week we will be putting up on the website and Facebook a fairly clean version of the Sixty Minutes Story on the killing, entitled “Bully.” It contains fascinating interviews with some of the main characters.

We also have a clean version of the Oprah Show on which the book is featured. With me on the show is Lawyer McFadin, Cheryl Brown, Alice Wood, and three of McElroy’s children. The audience has just watched the move “In Broad Daylight,” and are primed for the show.

Finally, in a few weeks we will have a new trade paperback version of In Broad Daylight available for purchase on Amazon. It contains all the updates and The Story Behind In Broad Daylight, as well. We did this because of the apparent demand for new and updated copies of the book itself.

Will be posting cover shots in the next few days.

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