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The Joy of Killing — Tattered Cover

The Joy of Killing – Tattered Cover Signing

This notice may seem a little premature, but we know how time flies: I will be signing my new novel, The Joy of Killing, at the Tattered Cover in Denver on July 30. I would love to have a great turnout.

The book so far has been described by various readers as a literary thriller, a psychological thriller, even a philosophical thriller (Publishers Weekly). Here are two blurbs from New York Times bestselling writers which give you an idea:

“Not since American Psycho has there been a novel as unnerving and relentless as Harry N. MacLean’s compulsively readable The Joy of Killing. Inventive. Supremely twisted. And did I say unnerving?”

Gregg Olsen, #1 New York Times Best-selling Author

“Harry MacLean’s rich layering of reality and fantasy draws the reader into a vortex of turbulent images. The Joy of Killing is a brilliant look into a man’s soul, a look that both fascinates and repels as it hurtles the reader toward an extraordinary ending. A major literary achievement!”

Sandra Dallas, New York Times Best-selling author

My previous books are all non-fiction books. The transition to fiction was liberating in a way, but also somewhat frightening, because there are no limits beyond which you cannot plunge. I was greatly affected by writing the book, and it is my hope that you will also be affected by reading it. “I can’t get your book out of my head” is the greatest compliment a writer can receive.

Joy of Killing_FINAL
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