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Starkweather -- The Sojurn Ends

January 27, 1958

Lincoln, Nebraska


 The peaceful cohabitation of Charlie Starkweather and Caril Fugate at the home on 860 Belmont comes to an abrupt end this day. Caril’s grandmother, Pansy Street, when denied entrance by Caril, threatens to bring the police back with a warrant. Which she does, showing up with two plainclothes detectives at 10:30 in the morning. By then, Charlie and Caril have fled in Charlie’s 1949 Ford.  In the house, the detectives miss the many signs of recent violence; bloodstains on the walls, the barrel of a sawed off shotgun on a counter, .22 shells on the floor, knife holes in the wall. They leave without looking inside the outbuildings where the three frozen bodies lay. They brush Pansy off as a nuisance.

   Meanwhile, Charlie and Caril, after a few stops for gas and tire repair, head south to the small town of Bennett. In a few hours, the killings will continue, the small town will be engulfed in shock and fear.

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