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Starkweather and Fugate: January 27, 1958, Evening, Lincoln, Nebraska

The cops never found the three bodies inside the outbuildings.  Instead, one of Charlie’s brothers and a close friend showed up at the Belmont house around 4 pm and decided to look inside the outbuildings. The APB for Charlie and Caril went out at 4:30, just about the time Charlie drove up the lane to the Bennett farmhouse of August Meyer, a family friend. The car got stuck in the snowy mud, and the two got out and walked up the lane to the farm. As August went up the steps of the farmhouse to get his coat to help, Charlie rushed up behind, him raised the shotgun and blew the back of his head off.

    Charlie and Caril got the 49 Ford unstuck, it got stuck again. Finally, they abandoned it and set off down the gravel road on foot, Caril carrying the shotgun, Charlie a .22. A terrible misfortune beset two Bennet teenagers on a date who happened to come driving around the curve right then and spotted a young man holding his  thumb out for a ride.

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