“In Broad Daylight” Classic Print Edition

KeepsakeEditionGRIPPING…excellent and disturbing…a fine and richly rewarding book.”
—The Washington Post Book World

For the first time ever, “In Broad Daylight” and “The Story Behind ‘In Broad Daylight'” are combined in this Classic trade paperback edition.

This book contains never-before published photographs of some of the principal characters, including the killer, and brings the story of this notorious, unsolved vigilante killing up to date.

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2 thoughts on ““In Broad Daylight” Classic Print Edition

  1. I remember when this event happened. I had been to Skidmore in the summer of 1979, visiting a friend for a long weekend. I traveled by bus from the Capital City to Maryville where my friend picked me up. When we arrived in Skidmore, he stopped at the Post Office to pick up the family’s mail. He told me to stay in the car, not look around or talk to anyone. I thought this strange but did as he said. Ater arriving at his family’s home, I never thought any more of it. I kept in touch with my friend and his family. When I heard about the murder on the news, I called his mother to ask what was going on. She said she didn’t know anything. I asked several different questions and received the same response; she didn’t know anything. I let it go. Years later when the book came out, I read the story and it answered many of my questions, except who actually pulled the trigger. That’s been 41 years ago, but I still remember it very well. Unfortunately, several years later, I lost touch with the friend and family.

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