In Broad Daylight –Another Character Dies

Remember Frankie Aldredge? One of the few witnesses to the killing of Ken McElroy who told authorities what he saw that morning. In his statement, Frankie said he saw Del Clement shoot McElroy as he sat in his truck. Frankie later retracted his statement after receiving a visit from Clement’s lawyer. The word got out that he had talked, and there was a lot of pressure on him. He was a good, simple man. 

Frankie died and was buried a few days ago in a cemetery outside Skidmore.


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  1. I finally seen the movie, I didnt like it as much as the book, but I wished they would have used their real names,. I was confused. I still try to find out more but, access to this is limited. after seeing, a documentary, a book and a movie, your book is the best to me, thanks for sharing.

    • Not only did they not use their real names, they didn’t film it a town that looked anything like Skidmore. It was filmed in Elgin, Texas, a small, but relatively prosperous town. You didn’t get the feel of a town under siege at all. I went drinking a couple of nights with Brian Denehey and Cloris Leachman, and we had a blast. Denehey is very cool, down-to-earth guy. Cloris is nuts. Marcia Gay Hardin did a great Trena, and went on to win a best supporting actress oscar for her role in Pollack. They originally going to make it a two night movie, which would have allowed for a much better development of McElroy’s reign of terror.

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