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RA2 meet the Queen

Yesterday we took Raggedy Ann and Andy, aka RA2, to the British Invasion in Stowe, Vermont, the small town at the base of Mount Mansfield. The show was a collection of over 200 cars of British origin, from MGs, to Triumphs and Bentleys and Morgans and Rolls Royces and Alpines and a few types I’d never heard of. The Queen was in town and she awarded trophies to winners of the various categories. She was more than delighted to meet Ann and Andy and to pose with them. In the photo, you’ll notice she’s teaching them the proper way to wave at the crowd.

RA2 w Queen

The most original vehicle there was a 1964 Winchester London Taxi. The owner explained that only 300 of the vehicles had been made, and that they were in use in London only from 1964 to 1968. The photo shows Andy with a bowler, and Ann in a scarf, much like some photos of the queen. RA2 became momentary celebrities, as you can see from the photo of the women taking pictures of Andy in the Winchester.

RA2 in LondonTaxi2
RA2 in LondonTaxi

In the last photo, the kids are sitting on the ground next to a British soldier and a British mouse, in front of an Sunbeam. Some of the smallest Mini Coopers were just about their size.

Stowe reminded us of Aspen before it went bad. Galleries and all, but some nicely preserved buildings and real people here and there. Nice weather brought a large crowd to town, and the famous Vermont fall colors are just arriving. The swamp maples are turning the flaming pink-orange-gold, and the sugars are turning at the top. The next few days should bring it on in full glory.

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