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Debate over Del Clement continues…

The debate over Del Clement continues. Loved ones often have a hard time seeing the truth of the ones they love. I spent three years in Skidmore. Del’s reputation was unanimous: he was a hot head and a drunk. I saw him at many gatherings, and never once sober. When he approached me he was drunk and belligerent, and as I said, the fact that he waited until my friends left the bar did not indicate much courage on his part.

As for who shot Ken McElroy, there was never any doubt in anyone’s mind that I spoke with that Del shot McElroy. There was an eyewitness identification, and there was another person willing to testify to Del’s involvement until, surprise, he suddenly changed his mind.

And it certainly fits Del’s style. He had been drinking. It was an impulsive, hot-headed act, not to mention being incredibly stupid. And ask yourself this: how much courage does it take to shoot a man in the back?

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