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D & G Tavern

D & G Tavern

I wrote about my recent visit to Skidmore and promised some pictures. Due to my limited blogging skills, I will do several posts with individual photos. This shows the D & G tavern, owned by Del and Greg Clement at the time.  McElroy’s truck was sitting at about this angle when he was shot. The primary shooter, almost certainly Del Clement, was standing just a few yards up the hill from where I was standing when I took the photo.  Several bullets went into the building next to the Tavern, now torn down. McElroy was sitting at the bar inside with Trena when the men streamed out of the Legion Hall at the top of the hill to confront him.

When I was researching the story, I used to listen to and watch the Clement Brothers Band play inside.  I even danced with Cheryl Brown, the daughter of the grocer McElroy had shot in the neck, to the music. The tavern is now closed.

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