Trena’s Photo and Obit

This is the only photo of Trena that I have, taken shortly after McElroy’s death, when she was still defending him. When I interviewed her in 1984, she stuck up for him for the sake of her children, but I could tell she was growing up and away from him.

2 thoughts on “Trena’s Photo and Obit

  1. Just a complement on your book and great follow up posts. I live in Andrew County Missouri and like everyone else around here had heard stories of McElroys depredations. I never met the guy myself but I just happened to be driving through Skidmore the other day and remembered the incident. You know Harry; per capita that little spot has had an amazing amount of tragedy. The famous shooting, the young lady murdered for her unborn child and there is still a sign up for a missing teen.I will have to get another copy of your book; we have to keep you busy and well fed.

    • Thanks for taking the time to write. Skidmore does seem like there is some sort of a curse hanging over it. I might mention that the e-book version of In Broad Daylight is going up on on Amazon as an e-book on July 10, the 31st anniversary of the shooting. This version is up to date as of June, 2012. A month or so later, a Kindle Short, entitled About In Broad Daylight will go up on Amazon. This is the story of how I researched and wrote the book, which seemed to be of some interest to many people over the years.

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