The Gas Station–Witnesses to the Killing

Sumy’s gas station was a Skidmore landmark. It stood at the top of the hill for over forty years. Bobbi Jo Stinnet’s mother worked there on the day her daughter was murdered. When Mom’s Cafe closed, a lot of the coffee drinking went on in the back of the station. There were several men at the station on the day McELroy was shot, a few in front of the pumps. They would have had a bird’s eye view of the shooters who would have been standing just a few feet down hill from where I was standing when I took the photo. Their view would included the killers, the truck, the crowd, and the tavern. Thus they could have testified to the identity of the men on the street who witnessed the killing. I read their statements: they saw nothing.

Sumy’s closed last year, a hard blow to the failing economy of the small town.  The bank, the grocery store, the gas station, the cafe.  Not much is left but the post office and the new tavern/cafe. I hear the food is good there, but the place was empty when I went in.

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  1. I watched the move and read the book, so I stopped in Skidmore last week, but could not find out where was Mom’s Cafe located. Any idea?

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