Life smacks you sideways sometimes. I read that Oprah announced her favorite guest, and–heartbreak–I wasn’t the one. When I appeared on her show in the 90s for In Broad Daylight, she greeted me courteously in the green room, then proceeded to break several promises about who was going to be on the show. It wasn’t too much of a shock: I always thought her blubbery sincerity was phony. The show did sell a lot of books, though.


  1. Well, one particular show stands out, it was some yrs ago she had on afghani women who wore the burka, now I am a muslim and I know the rules of wearing this, but Oprah just had such a bad attitude towards the men, on this show, she always knocks men subliminally , I know she has plenty of men on her show but she is geared towards women in general, black or white it doesnt matter. I dont watch her every day either but what I have seen I just feel this way,

  2. interestingly enough tonight for what ever reason I googled In Broad Day Light. I’ve heard the story.. upon my first visit to Maryville I spent 4 weeks in Maryville last summer while celebrating the birth of my first grandbaby. After reading your preface for the book I am going to jump in and read it. I am a old lady returning to school.. graduating August 2010 and heading to Law School. I enjoyed reading your bio… you have inspired me to continue on! Thank you.. by the way I am so over Oprah…it’s time to move on…

    • Thanks for the interesting comment. I think, as a law student, you’ll find the functioning or malfunctioning of the legal system in Missouri to be quite interesting. What sort of law are you interested in?

  3. Ditto. Did he say ditto? Yes, I did. Oprah gave vast amounts of time over the years to what I would describe as knee-jerk, sob story, left-leaning authors, celebrities, politicians, and activists. People with a more conservative point of view rarely appeared on the show. I also considered her at least somewhat phony.

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