New reviews and interviews for “The Past is Never Dead”

More reviews have been published for The Past is Never Dead. I welcome your reviews and comments!

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2 thoughts on “New reviews and interviews for “The Past is Never Dead”

  1. Dear Harry & Team,

    My name is Jessica Rhodes, and I grew up in Franklin County. I also have the privilege of knowing some of the fine folk interviewed and quoted for the book. I’ve placed a review up on my site of the book, which you might agree with.

    I thought the book was unsuccessful in its pursuits, although I encourage everyone I know to buy it. I’d love your feedback and thoughts on my reasons for finding it unsatisfactory. A difficult task to pull off in the first place, reforming Mississippi stereotypes under a deadline was certainly something to make any seasoned writer topple.

    Anyone who hasn’t read the book yet, buy it. Mississippi needs all the attention she can get for numerous reasons.

    Best wishes,
    Jessica Rhodes

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