New Most Annoying Phrase: Speaking Truth To Power

I first hear this phrase from the woman who walked out of a conference in which Harvard President Larry Summers has suggested that part of the reason for the difference in men and women’s accomplishments in math and science might be innate. After bursting into tears over the insult, the woman proclaimed that she was one of the few in the world who could Speak Truth To Power.  Since then, whoever I’ve seen use the phrase is generally of the same ilk: so very, very impressed with their Courage to Stand Up for What Is Right Against a Big Bad Bully; and so very willing to Sacrifice Themselves for the Cause.  “Get over yourself” is a cliche that might apply to most of these people.

3 thoughts on “New Most Annoying Phrase: Speaking Truth To Power

  1. I’ve never heard that particular phrase, but I will agree with you that people who are blowhards basically suck. 🙂

  2. I live in a not so good part of philly pa , I am irish and a muslim, but most people around me are af american, I hear phrases similar to this all the time, knowledge is power is a phrase i learned when i was about 14 i am now 38 and still hear it in these streets, do you think certain phrases are racially cultivated?

    • Good question. I’m sure many phrases grow up in certain cultures and are then picked up by others. Witness the white culture picking up hip-hop phrases. Knowledge is power, though, I think is not only true but neutral. The “truth to power” phrase is highly egotistical.

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