Most Annoying Behaviors

It’s a tough choice, but my favorite is when the person you’re talking with goes on and on about something not very interesting and then says “To make a long story short. . . .” I  want to say, no, no you can’t say that, not after you’ve already spent five minutes talking about it.  I suspect the person saying this has just realized how boring the story is and wants to reassure the listeners that it really won’t go on for the next twenty minutes, but why doesn’t he just wrap it up, rather than drag it out further by saying “To make a long story short. . . ?”


2 thoughts on “Most Annoying Behaviors

  1. The most annoying behavior in this part is people on cell phones tryna order food, or on the subway talkin loud cursing and not caring, not too long ago a woman was so irritated she pulled a gun on the woman talking loudly, ah city life.

    • I stood behind a woman at a drugstore checkout counter who could not stop talking on her cellphone long enough to get her credit card out and pay for the items. She talked and talked, while the cashier and the other customers waited. She was talking about her plans that night.

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