More Annoying Behaviors–Starbucks

This one has risen to the top. It’s the customer at Starbucks who gets his/her drink and stands in the middle of the condiment counter, blocking it, and then slowly and deliberately pours some milk in, swirls it, tastes it, pours a touch more in, swirls it, tastes it, perhaps considering the fullness of its bouquet, and then does the same with a sweetner. Then, after a final swirl, tastes it once again, to make sure the final mixture is just as they like it. It can go on for minutes, ┬áIn the meantime all I want is a bag of sweetner and a stir, but they stand in a way that you would have to reach in front of them to get it. I suspect it’s on purpose: for a few seconds, the world revolves around their tastes.

2 thoughts on “More Annoying Behaviors–Starbucks

  1. They must think they are the only ones who are in the place, There is no starbucks close to me, i guess when a certain part of philly is nick named the “badlands” and cops dont even come, I can see why starbucks wont.

    • Interesting. I was in Turkey for two weeks, and saw several Starbucks, not only in Istanbul, but in several outlying areas. As well as Burger King and McDonalds.

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