Martha’s Vineyard

We took a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard yesterday. We biked around the island in hopes of spotting Meg Ryan, Dan Acyrod, David Letterman or some other famous dog. No luck. The guy at the information booth showed us on the map where John Belushi is buried, but noted that the cemetery was a long way away and there were no markers to his grave. As for Chappaquiddick, that too was along way away, and you needed a four-wheel drive to get there. The bridge had been rebuilt with walls that weren’t there when Ted drove off. Why, he insisted, anybody could have driven off the bridge.

The only note of the Kennedys was a photo of the brothers in a gift shop next to the Chappaquiddick ferry landing. I bought a sweatshirt at the shop in commemoration. See photo.

Martha’s Vineyard has some of the finest bike trails in New England. We only got turned around once, and made it back to the ferry with a few minutes to spare. I can only imagine the place knee deep in people in July and August.


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