Ken McElroy Victim Dies

Just learned that Romaine Henry died yesterday. Romaine, you might remember, was the farmer that Ken McElroy shot in the stomach with a shotgun. McElroy was prosecuted for assault, but acquitted, despite Henry’s testimony. There were always rumors that McElroy got to the jury, which wouldn’t be surprising, since I know he tried to do this in other cases.
Romaine was very friendly and willing to talk about the case. With little hesitation, he would raise his shirt and show you, or the camera, the scar running down his belly from the shooting.

MAITLAND, Mo. Clifford Romaine Henry, 76, Maitland, died Monday, March 19, 2012, at his home.

One thought on “Ken McElroy Victim Dies

  1. I did a search on Romaine Henry’s name and this page popped up. I am one of his children. I grew up knowing the fear of Ken McElroy on a personal basis. I occasionally think back to those 2 big events in my life – the day Dad was shot and the day Ken McElroy was killed. Even though I live in southern MO, there are many people here who know some of the story. Thank you for publishing the book ‘In Broad Daylight’. It shed so much light on how things really were for many people. It seemed over the years after Dad was shot, that he came to a silent truce with McElroy. They somehow learned to coexist. Even so, I don’t think we ever let our guard down. Dad didn’t talk much about McElroy’s death unless someone else brought it up and even then he didn’t say much. We often wondered if he knew anything more than what other people said, but felt it best to leave it alone. If he did, he took it to his grave.

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