Ken McElroy — Thirtieth Anniversary of his Shooting

This Sunday, July 10, will mark the thirtieth anniversary of the killing of Ken McElroy on the mainstreet of Skidmore, Missouri.  Sunday morning at 9 AM I will be in the cafe on the mainstreet of Skidmore, almost directly across the street from where McElroy was sitting when he was shot, with a few friends from the area, some of whom were involved with McElroy’s reign of terror.  It’s a commemoration, of sorts, or perhaps an attempt to move the crime into history.

Anyone in the area is welcome to stop by and share a cup of coffee and your thoughts.

13 thoughts on “Ken McElroy — Thirtieth Anniversary of his Shooting

  1. I really hope you take pics, interesting tho , on youtube someone made a 2 min clip of skidmore and a comment was left by a relative of Kens, Jenny hughes, does that ring a bell? its a bit far for a cup of coffee for me , but I will be on the look out for the updates….

  2. So today is the 30th anniv , I been on the look out to see if any word came on the news or online but its still earlier out there than here, I believe 2 hrs diff, any way please let us know if u do a youtube vid, I will be waiting, thanks

  3. Harry!!!!, How did it go? your keeping city kid on the edge and nothing does that to me… I am using ur page as my homepage, thats how much ur book got me into this who shabang, I know u hated city confidentials version but it led me to you , harry ol pal , I think I need a valium to relax, lol

  4. My girlfriend and I took a day trip to Skidmore yesterday (July 10, 2011) NOT KNOWING it was the 30th anniversary. Very grim feeling about that place. Almost felt like we were being watched the whole time.

    • Sorry to have missed you. Check for an article on myself and McElroy’s lost son. I will be blogging and putting up photos as soon I get home.

  5. WOW , I can see the similarities in Jeff and Ken, I cant wait for the photos, I am glad jeff went. How was his reception from the locals? I understand how you want to put it into history but even to the younger generations its a fascination that wont run out of gas, i commend you on putting so much effort into such a story….I can feel from pics I have seen that the place is grim, small town huge calamities….maybe thats why, Branson Perry’s story baffles me too, I just dont understand, i guess neighborhood watch was just like law enforcement back then, a failure.

    • The people who met him liked him, which is not hard because he is a likeable guy. But as we were standing in front of the cafe, just feet from where the shooters were standing when they opened fire on his dad, a few pickups drove by, and they slowed, and people looked at us, at him, back at us, then back at him. Some said you could tell he was a McElroy from his stance.

  6. I am guessing some traits you cannot hep but to carry on, like his stance, glares, looks and what not , Was Tim there? Did Jeff meet any other McElroys while there? very interesting indeed. I read the maryvill forum, but your blog keeps me on the edge, wanting to learn more, not alot of accuracy out there, but since you know the place, the people, the story, its alot more easier to read your blog and book. have you ever thought of a follow up? or a documentary on the story?

    • I will start on the blog and photos this afternoon. I suspect it will be in two or three parts, since the experience was so complicated and rich. Others have thought of a documentary, and I would certainly participate in one if it were ever to come about. There is a worry here, of course, of my work being ripped off, as it has been in the past. I’m think of a long essay or short story on how the book came about, some day in the future.

  7. Yeah I have read many other blogs that were just your words re-written but I dont think anyone has an insight like you do, besides the residents of skidmore, it would be a great thing but as you said , people ripping each other off. trademarking means nothing anymore, I see that here in philly, the vendors selling fake gucci handbags, sunglasses and all sorts of things. No such thing as something being “sacred” anymore, i will be on the look out for the blog and photos.

    thank u for your hard work.

    • I’m going to do a series of blogs on my experience on the the thirtieth anniversary–the first one will go up in a few minutes–and I expect to find them as content all over the internet. I don’t particularly mind, as long as credit is given.

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