In Broad Daylight –New Cafe in Skidmore

Skidmore Cafe

This is the new cafe in Skidmore, which opened after the D & G closed for good. It used to be the post office, which moved to a new building several years ago. After the shooting, several shells from a high-powered rifles were found on the curb in front of the building. The postmaster, who would have had a clear view of the shooting from inside, always claimed that he was in the back room when the shooting started.

To the left is a small park, which has a small memorial to Bobby Jo Stinnet, the young woman who was stabbed to death and had her baby taken from her womb. Her killer is serving life in prison.

15 thoughts on “In Broad Daylight –New Cafe in Skidmore

  1. Your article stated that the D & G closed for good? Any idea what was done with the contents inside? More specifically items that might have been there since say… 1981?

    • That’s a good question. The place had taken on a real greasy smell, from the years of fries and burgers. It was in the paint. A lot of people wouldn’t go in there because it smelled so badly. And the floor was cement. Do you suppose the stool McElroy was sitting on before he went outside on the day he was shot could bring something at an auction?

    • I once had the a piece of sheet metal shot full of holes from the rifle fire. It was on the building just down the hill from the tavern. Unfortunately, I left it in the attic of the garage of my last house and the new owner threw it out.

  2. I attended the Punkin festival in 1999 or 2000. The tavern was actually very busy with people coming in and out between the mud races and softball games. It was literally like stepping back in time. I had a hamburger and a beer for $2.00-$3.00 dollars. I remember sitting at the bar with so many questions but no one to dare ask…

  3. Harry, I would be interested to hear your opinion. While visiting with some of the locals on my trip in 2000, I truly had this question… Would I automatically be judged in a negative light if in fact they knew who I was ? The town to some degree has been able to seperate their feelings when it comes to a McElroy, they treated Tim in a positive light?

    • I don’t think the reaction would be negative. I think it would be shock at first. You’re right the people in Skidmore have gotten along with Tim over the years, but many of them knew him growing up and knew that he wasn’t involved in any of his brother’s activities. I think once they learned you were Ken McEroy’s son, they would see the similarity in the eyes, as I did, and be stunned for a little while, and then be really really curious about who your mother was, how many siblings you had, as well as your personal story: when you found out he was your father, what it’s meant to you, etc. I think when they learned you had graduated from college and become a highly respected special education teacher, they would shake their head in wonderment.

  4. Each time I see the two of you talking, I would like nothing more than to meet up with both of you in Skidmore and document it, the story behind the story is the most fascinating part of this saga.

  5. That would be up to Harry, Mr. Palme. I never pursued this to take anything away from Harry and the incredible story that he investigated , researched and wrote. I certaintly have him to thank for answering MANY questions that I had growing up. Of course I wish those answers could have been more positive…

    • Jeffrey, what Doug is proposing is a photo shoot of the town with you and I in it. This would undoubtedly surface you completely. I’ve noticed that a few of your friends and work associates in the town where you live have figured out who you are, but as yet you are still relatively anonymous. This would be a huge change in your life. Would you be interested in meeting any of your siblings or aunts and uncles?

  6. Jeffrey,
    harry is right, I do believe the story behind you is far more interesting as it relates to Skidmore than the actual killing; however if you tie it altogether with the 30th year anniversary it makes for a very compelling photo story.

    However, as Harry said, it would certainly make the world aware of who you are and I would not want to infringe on your privacy, so although the offer is there, I will leave it up to you to decide.


  7. I respect what both of you are saying, not sure if the back story is that interesting to the general public?? I am just a teacher with a very boring life and an infamous father. I am only one of SEVERAL children and am not sure if my identity is that big of an issue. Personally, I would love to have a portfolio with Harry and the significant points of the book.

  8. I had another idea that just hit me, Harry I will email you off list with the details and if you would be kind enough to forward them to Jeffrey and we can discuss it further, I would be most appreciative.


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