In Broad Daylight — Larry King

Larry King’s last show reminded me of the time I appeared on his show along with Gene McFadin, McElroy’s attorney. We were supposed to go an hour but there was some glitch, and we only got about 40 minutes. King was a pretty good interviewer: he kept asking me whether, personally, I thought the killing was justified. He seemed to go along with the town, but when the camera and lights were off, he muttered to me, “I don’t think murder is every justified.” On our way out, he said, “I want to have you back, I really want you guys to come back.” Of course we didn’t

He was a lot more straightforward then Oprah, when she did a show on the book. I’l save that for later.

3 thoughts on “In Broad Daylight — Larry King

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  2. I always thought Larry seemed like a nice man, and most likely a genuinely good person, and I often found his show entertaining when I would watch, but I have to laugh at those that would refer to what he did as “hard-hitting investigative journalism.” Watching his softball questions and habit of pursuing an interviewee only so deep, led me to think that this must be what it would be like to be interviewed by one’s own mother. BAD CLICHE ALERT: He was what he was. Pacifist leanings by him were always another impression I had, but—-BAD CLICHE ALERT #2: It’s a free country. For at least a little longer, anyway.

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