City Kids

City Kids In JalopyWe didn’t make it out of town until early evening, due to late-arriving movers and a variety of small crises and last minute details. The kids were in tumult by the time the loaded CRV pulled out of Denver. Despite being raised in Omaha and Denver, they were city KIDS, and the notion of a trip to cowboy country in north central Nebraska enthralled them. They couldn’t see much beyond that, although the idea of being gone for a year scared them. The day in the Sand Hills was hot, the sky blue with ivory-white clouds, and the fields sounded with mowers chopping hay. The nervous chattering in the back seat came to an abrupt halt a few miles south of Ainsworth, when Annie spotted a souped-up jalopy along the side of the road. She graciously allowed Andy to sit in front for the photo.

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