Warm weather bound

We’ve settled into Cape Cod for a couple of weeks. We found a cottage close to the beach in what they call mid-Cape, in the town of Barnstable. In the morning, Julya walks the beach looking for shells while I write. In the afternoon, we set out for an adventure, which could be a drive to Provincetown or Chappaquiddick. The prices have dropped dramatically, and there are very few people in town. The weather is variable, ranging from high seventies to low sixties. Most places close after Columbus Day.

We’ve decided on one criteria for guiding the rest of our trip: warmth. Sunshine, and if possible the beach. We’re going to bypass the big cities of Boston, New York and D.C. and spend the rest of the fall on the coasts of Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia. Come December, we’re thinking of Nicaragua and possibly Cuba. Beyond that, we know nothing.

On our visit to Hyannis yesterday, the kids insisted on having their photo taken with JFK outside the museum. Across the street was a restaurant with a Marilyn Monroe mannequin out front, which we all agree was tacky.

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