In Broad Daylight –E-book on July 10

In Broad Daylight will finally go up as an e-book on July 10, the anniversary of Ken McElroy’s death. It be published by, Gregg Olsen’s imprint, exclusively on Kindle for several months. The book is current as of 2007. I am launching a social media campaign to get the word out, so I would invite you to my Facebook Author’s page:, which you can like if you so choose, and to my twitter account,, where you can follow if you so choose, and to my revamped website:

I would also welcome any reviews of In Broad Daylight that any fans would care to post, at:

Thanks for your support. I will blog on the process  difficulties of getting an old dog to learn the new social media tricks. So far, it is wearing my brain out, but I have an excellent teacher–very patient and thorough.See you on the 10th.

2 thoughts on “In Broad Daylight –E-book on July 10

  1. At some point would you mind putting up the pictures you have of the scene? I’ve only seen a couple, namely the one showing the shattered window of the Silverado, and the front view of it that’s on the cover of your updated book.

    • We’ve put up several of the photos on the Facebook author page. Most are collected in an album, others are scattered throughout the posts. We’ll be putting up more as we near the e-book publication of “About In Broad Daylight, the Story Behind the Book.”

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