Annoying cliches

If I hear someone say “think outside the box” again I think will scream. It was worn out five years ago. Here are the other most annoying cliches I can think of:

1. What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

2. Be careful what you wish for.

3. Twenty four/seven, or even better, twenty four/seven/365.

Not to mention one of the all time most annoying cliches: What goes around, comes around.

Anybody care to add any?

9 thoughts on “Annoying cliches

  1. I have a distain for using the word “go” instead of “said”.
    I was watching a dog with Jane when she goes, “did you see…”.
    What’s the matter with when she says,…
    Jane didn’t go anywhere, she said something.

    • I have a friend who recounts complete conversations with “go,” so it’s he goes, then she goes, then he goes, then she goes. If it’s the past tense, it becomes, he went, then she went, etc. What happened? I say. Can you just tell me what happened?

  2. I have a hard time with most any cliche’. Especially when it is voiced in a tone of profound solemnity, as if the person uttering it wishes you to believe (a) he has just invented it and it’s being said for the first time anywhere, and (b) isn’t he witty, clever, and original. One particular one comes to mind as I think here; one that I first remember hearing around ’84 or ’85, and was so overused it was worn out within a year. It is: ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?? Just typing that in just now makes me cringe. I cannot guarantee that the next person I hear that from will not suffer the same fate as Ken McElroy. Just kidding, of course, but you get the point. Oh well. “What will be, will be!” I’m sorry, couldn’t resist.

  3. Follow-up to previous: I intend to get back to this sometime and give everyone a list of a few “Common Cliches’, and ways to say them differently if you want to be original and maybe get a laugh at the same time. I did notice above the posting for “he goes, she goes,” and after some thought, realize I am probably guilty of that on occasion myself. Not in writing, but in speaking. I guess it goes to show that no matter how literate and well-spoken we think we are, sometimes there is still room for improvement. So, being the introspective person I try to be, I’m grateful to the author for posting that, and will now keep an eye on myself at least when it comes to “goes” and “went!”

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