31st Anniversary of Killing of Ken Rex McElroy — In Broad Daylight –E-book

Thirty-one years ago today Ken Rex McElroy was shot to death on the mainstreet of Skidmore, Missouri, as he sat in his truck. In Broad Daylight was published seven years later. Today it has been released as an e-book on Amazon.com. Among other things, this release guarantees that the story will imbed itself even deeper in the American psyche. “About In Broad Daylight,” the story behind the story, will be released in a few months. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008J7CNGU

2 thoughts on “31st Anniversary of Killing of Ken Rex McElroy — In Broad Daylight –E-book

  1. Hi Harry

    I bought your e-book last week but I have to say it was very hard to read due to formatting issues. There were pages repeated, pages broken off and I am pretty sure whole pages missing. I was also disappointed that there were no pictures included. Just thought maybe you would like to know so maybe you can fix the formatting issues.


    • Kay:
      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I did not know it was this bad. We will be pulling it off and straightening out the format in a few days.

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